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VDK manufactures mixing equipment for a wide scope of technological processes for various industries. We specialize in treatment, batching and reagent mixing technologies. Our goal is to help our customers improve their technological processes efficiency.

  • Eight facts about our company

    We offer a wide range of equipment and technology solutions for reagent mixing and batching that fit in practically all industries.

    Our equipment is custom-tailored to meet the specific requirements set by our clients taking all peculiarities of the technological processes and operating conditions into account.

  • Eight facts about our company

    In-house manufacturing and quality control.

    Our manufacturing and assembling capacities allow us to produce our equipment locally. We perform end-to-end quality control that allows us to guarantee the highest quality of the products..

  • Eight facts about our company

    Prompt first-hand technical and project support.

    Our company provides comprehensive technical support and aftersale service for our customers. We can also offer expert advice on equipment application scenarios, conduct a feasibility study and render technical consulting servives for our clients.

  • Eight facts about our company

    Continuous product design enhancements for better performance.

    Our R&D is in a constant heist of engineering perfection introducing new structural and technological alterations that help us push the limits for our equipment. Our experts not only develop new product concepts but also provide upgrades for our serial products.

  • Eight facts about our company

    Continuous research using our own experimental facility.

    All of our new technical solutions undergo thorough testing in our own experimental laboratory. VDK conducts continuous life-cycle\performance evaluation for some installations of our products so as to gather actual performance and effectiveness figures in real-life conditions.

  • Eight facts about our company

    Support and cooperation with leading research institutes and universities.

    VDK cooperates with key the professorial chairs and laboratories in the leading Russian universities: Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU), Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). The company well-connected with several key experts of the industry-specific institutes of the country.

  • Eight facts about our company

    Free product trial program for scientific research projects.

    We provide product testing samples and cooperate in R&D with research and design organizations. Feel free to make a request with a description of the task to get detailed information about the program.

  • Eight facts about our company

    Seven years of success in the industry with dozens of implemented projects in Russia and in the CIS region.

    We supply equipment for both large industrial enterprises and small-scale startup companies, and we are rightly proud of our references and partners.

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