Aqueous alkali solution input and homogenization module for corrosion protection
in atmospheric crude distillation unit/vacuum distillation unit

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Equipment use cases and functions

The S-Mix-CS device is designed to increase the efficiency of hydrogen sulfide-caused corrosion suppression and inorganic acid neutralization for crude oil alkaline neutralization rocesses by means of:
- intensive mass exchange between the alkali solution and oil;
- even distribution of alkali in the raw material flow;
- as a consequence, optimization and reduction of alkali consumption.

Principle of operation

At the heart of our device lies the recombinating type homogenization unit of (1) that allows to obtain the 95-99% homogenization degree for the oil-alkali solution as a result of special operating mode modeling; it also allows to obtain minimal pressure losses and even distribution of alkali in the processed raw materials..

Key operational parameters*
and performance figures

* working range may be changed in accordance with a custom Technical specification

  • Alkali consumption rate1-100 g/ton of raw material
  • Consumption of raw materialsUp 1200 m3/h
  • Alkali homogenization degree95-99%
  • Working pressureUp to 50 bar
  • Available diametersDN50 – DN800

Each device gets modelled and engineered individually for each specific task. Calculation results
will undergo customer approval. The design is then further optimized
to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

The company’s skills set

The VDK company has more than eight years of experience and specializes
in agent injection and batching systems, mixing of liquid
and gaseous substances systems, alignment of the concentrations and temperatures fields systems.
A full production cycle is implemented in the organization: from the idea
to the release of the final product. There is own engineering team and production base, implementation process
and after-sales support of products are efficient.


We have cooperated with research organizations in the industry of All-Russian Research Industry in oil refining and Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. Among our customers, there are leading enterprises of chemical and petrochemical industry:

  • ZapSibNeftehim-2
  • PhosArgo
  • Shchekinoazot
  • BSK
  • Uralkali
  • Kaustik
  • Khimprom
  • RusVinyl
  • Usolskiy Potash (EuroChem)
  • Rosneft
  • Tatneft
  • You can find the full list
    of our customers in our references

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