Ejectors are jet devices that use the kinetic energy of one
environment for creating exhaust and pumping other environments.
Ejectors are widely used in many industries: energy, chemical industry,
petrochemicals, metallurgy, water treatment etc.

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Calculation and modeling

Our key market distinction is the ability to perform a profound computer-assisted optimization of all ejectors created by VDK, a feature lacked by our competitors.

Due to precise computational modeling and genetic optimization algorithms, we can achieve extremely precise conformity with the required performance characteristics of our ejectors. In practice, this means that any serially manufactured ejector goes through a full hydrodynamic optimization to perfectly fit the tasks of our customer and is accompanied by a detailed report on the results of performance simulation.

3D model of an ejector, design model example


Our company develops and manufactures a wide range of ejectors
for usage in all industries. We produce:
- steam-jet ejectors
- gas-jet ejectors
- water-jet ejectors

Our vast experience of cooperation with the oil and gas industry guarantees that our customers receive quality products and a full set of technical
design documentation, all required certificates and permits.