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Mechanical mixers

Mechanical (propeller, impeller, turbine and anchor) mixing devices are characterized by a fairly simple design, but in some cases show a very high efficiency, therefore their application in solving some technological tasks is justified through techno-economic figures.

Industrial mechanical mixers are mainly used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry to mix high viscosity liquids and mixtures containing a high concentration of solid phase. They can also be used for dispersing gases in liquids, circulation of solutions and effective dissolution of the components in them, less often – for the production of emulsions and suspensions in other industries.

Our offer

Our company carries out the design of mechanical mixing devices and manufactures them in accordance with customer requirements for specific processes. We design mixers of any layout and drive system; we offer different construction materials, moreover, we are ready to embed additional equipment in the device such as heat exchangers, heaters, etc.