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MBBR carrier

Biofilm reactor with a movable layer that uses a free-floating microflora carrier, are becoming more widely used in the processes of biological water purification. The technology is gaining popularity in the industry due to its numerous advantages regarding the use of traditional schemes with active sludge.

MBBR facilities require less space because they can hold a greater amount of useful biomass. The relative simplicity of the reactors can simplify operational requirements and achieve high processing stability.

MBBR-reactors technology is based on the use of biofilm carriers, made in the form of plastic nozzles, with a large surface that promotes growth and protection of the active microflora.

Our offer

Our company develops and produces complete MBBR-reactors and offers supply of optimized biofilm carriers. Our manufacturing facility makes it possible for us to supply MBBR-carriers on unique market terms and can deliver the product in the shortest time possible.