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High-performance S-Mix input and static mixing units are designed to add fluid of chemical agents (liquids, gases, solutions) to the flow, as well as to average concentrations and temperatures of the chemical agents in the fluid stream. The mixer device design is always the result of our research and modeling.

Pictured: composite static mixer S-Mix. 01C2. 350SS0000F

S-Mix-series high-efficiency static mixers

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S-Mix device can be effectively used in a number of industriesfor two main processes: intensification of mass transfer and averaging of temperatures.

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Composition averaging and mass transfer intensification

- mixing of reagents:
gases, liquids, petroleum products, viscous liquids and polymers, sludge, and sediment;
- dispersion:
gases in liquids, liquids in gases, obtaining an emulsion.

Temperature averaging and effective heat transfer

- temperature fields averaging:
gases, liquid substances, use as a part of heat exchangers;
- intensification of catalytic processes:
intensification of mass transfer as part of catalytic reactors, use as а supporting structure of catalyst.
  • Petrochemistry and oil refining

    • Preparation of water-oil and water-fuel emulsions.
    • Mixing of source fuel with isomerized products and stable catalyzers in gasoline production .
    • Mixing propane-butane mixture with gasoline.
      Mixing additives to the fuel and engine oil.
    • Mixing of different types of fuels with bioethanol.
    • Mixing of the oil with soda-alkaline solution, and mixing of desalted oil with alkali solution
      for oil desalting and dessication.
    • Mixing of the oil emulsion with demulsification agent
      for layer water processing.
  • Energy industry and fuel-power complex

    • Use as high efficient carriers in systems
      of catalytic neutralization of exhaust gases.
    • Reactant treatment in the water treatment processes at TPPs.
    • Use as a part of heat recovery systems
      for heat transfer processes intensification.
    • Preparation of fuel-water emulsions.
    • Dispersion of gas condensate.
  • Water treatment

    • Dispersion of air in the aeration processes.
    • Input and distribution of a wide range of substances
      in the processes of reactant treatment.
    • Flocculation/coagulation of impurities
      in water preparation and purification.
    • Dispersion of ozone.
  • Food industry

    • Input and homogenization of concentrated components
      in soft and alcoholic drinks manufacturing.
    • Homogenization of fruit and vegetable suspensions
      in the production of juices and nectars.
    • Homogeneous uninterrupted distribution of components
      in beer wort for brewing.
    • The preparation of the water-coffee suspensions
      n instant coffee manufacturing.
    • Homogenization of dairy products.
  • The pharmaceutical industry

    • Preparation of suspensions, emulsions, colloidal solutions.
    • Obtaining of solutions of high-molecular compounds.
    • Dilution, dissolution and homogenization of the components
      for obtaining liquid drug forms.
    • Input and allocation of emulgators and stabilizers
      in creams, ointments and suppositories manufacturing.
    • Mixing in microbiological and
      biotechnological processes.
  • Chemical and consumer goods industry

    • Homogenization of the solution/melt of polymer in the production of synthetic fibers.
    • Stabilization of temperature and structure of the material
      in the process of production and processing of plastics.
    • Use in industrial units
      of continuous polymerization.
    • Water stirring, caustic soda and
      ethylene dichloride in vinyl chloride production.
    • Dispergation of gas to improve the efficiency of carbonation of aqueous solutions.
    • Application in solution
      uniformity control systems.
    • Homogenization of components in production processes
      of glue, sealants, and compounds.
    • In-line purification of benzene with sulfuric acid.
    • Production of epoxy and acrylic resins.
    • Processes of emulsion polymerization.
    • Manufacturing of alkalis and acids.
    • Homogenization of paints and lacquers.
    • qual distribution of fibers in the stream,
      for example, paper and paperboard production.

The advantages S-Mix devices application

  • 1
    1) Ease of implementation and operation
    3 Possible to use at hazardous production facilities Possible to integrate into existing production lines Long operational life and no need for regular maintenance
  • 2
    2) Perfection and simplicity of design
    Usage of materials and coatings that allow operating with extreme environments No mechanical moving parts and fault points Hermiticity of the device and lack of contact with external environment
  • 3
    3) Improvement of technological processes
    Saving reactants and reducing the resource intensity of the technological processes Ensuring continuity of technological processes Maximum intensification of physicochemical processes and time of a reaction

Additional materials

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The company’s skills set

The VDK company has more than eight years of experience and specializes
in agent injection and batching systems, mixing of liquid
and gaseous substances systems, alignment of the concentrations and temperatures fields systems.
A full production cycle is implemented in the organization: from the idea
to the release of the final product. There is own engineering team and production base, implementation process
and after-sales support of products are efficient.


We have cooperated with research organizations in the industry of All-Russian Research Industry in oil refining and Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. Among our customers, there are leading enterprises of chemical and petrochemical industry:

  • ZapSibNeftehim-2
  • PhosArgo
  • Shchekinoazot
  • BSK
  • Uralkali
  • Kaustik
  • Khimprom
  • RusVinyl
  • Usolskiy Potash (EuroChem)
  • Rosneft
  • Tatneft
  • You can find the full list
    of our customers in our references

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